Sterling Investments Limited

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Directors: Derek Jones (Chairman), Michael Bernard, Maxim Rochester, Charles Ross.


Sterling Investments Limited (“SIL”) is a St. Lucia registered investment holding company that began operation in December 2012. Investment decisions are guided by the criteria set out in the Company’s investment policy document. SIL generates income in two ways: (a) through interest income generated by the securities in the portfolio; (b) through capital gains that are realized as a result of increases in the price of the securities. It offers investors the opportunity to enjoy:

  • A hedge against devaluation and inflation
  • Higher risk adjusted returns
  • Diversification
  • Access to the global capital markets
  • Access to experienced and successful investment managers

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SIL Annual report-2015


SIL Corporate Governance Guidelines


SIL FS 2016

Sterling Annual Report 2016

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