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Sterling Global Funds introduces the Sterling High Yield Bond Fund. The Fund comprises high quality, high yielding securities that enable investors to achieve medium to long-term capital growth. The Fund is concentrated primarily in investment grade US dollar fixed income instruments. More specifically, the fund has historically focused its investments in structured US Government Agency bonds. Throughout its existence, the Fund Manager has effectively used moderate amounts of leverage to enhance returns.

The Sterling High Yield Bond Fund aims to achieve an average annual rate of return between 10% and 12%. As at December 2016, the Fund has produced an average growth rate of 12.6% per annum.

Sterling Asset Management Limited (SAML), a financial services company incorporated in Jamaica, is the manager of the fund. SAML possesses an expertise in the trading of US dollar denominated fixed income instruments. It operates primarily as a licensed investment advisory firm retailing fixed income instruments to individuals.  Sterling’s value lies in its ability to provide higher risk-adjusted returns to its clients as well as highly personalized levels of service.  SAML also commands seasoned professionals with combined experience in the financial sector exceeding 50 years.

Fund Features


  • The Fund is open-ended; new shares are issued to investors on an on-going basis.
  • The Fund is denominated in US dollars.
  • Investors may purchase 1,000 units or more on the given dealing day.
  • Investors must maintain a minimum balance of 1000 units.
  • Encashment of units within six (6) months of purchase will attract a penalty.

The Net Asset Value (NAV) per share is determined on the dealing day, i.e. Wednesday of each week.

Investments made after 12:00 pm on the dealing day or any other business day thereafter will be valued and allocated on the next.

  • High Yields
  • Tax advantages: all income and gains to the Fund are tax-free
  • Diversification: by spreading your investment across several securities you are protecting your investment from the poor performance of any individual security
  • Professional Management: lower investment limits provide individuals with access to investment management expertise, previously  available to a few large investors
  • Convenience: Net Asset Value information on the Fund can be easily accessed on our website. 

Click Here for the most recent factsheet.

Click here for the fund prospectus.

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  • Q: Is Sterling Asset Management a bank?
    A:  No, Sterling Asset is a financial service provider. We are a securities dealer regulated by the Financial Services Commission.
  • Q: Do you accept cash?
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