Sterling Asset Management Limited was founded in 2000 in response to an evident  gap in the market for attractive medium to long term investment vehicles. The founders had long observed the low returns and high fees which characterized the products provided by large intuitions. Investors were not being well served as these institutions offered a limited variety of instruments, on which they made large spreads. Sterling emerged as a boutique operation that focused not only on improving the return and quality of investment instruments, but also the investing experience itself.

By taking smaller spreads, creating new investment vehicles and finding new instruments, Sterling was (and continues to be) able to deliver higher returns to our investors. Additionally, by fostering a more intimate relationship with clients, we are able to deliver unique solutions to each individual. These components of higher returns and higher quality service, underpin the Sterling business model.

Sterling was established with a capital base of J$19.5 million, nearly four times the stipulated capital requirement of J$5 million. The company is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica and provides investment advice to corporate, institutional and individual investors.
Over the past ten years, Sterling has experienced tremendous growth as a result of the confidence and satisfaction of our valuable clientele. The loyalty of our clients is central to our success. They have come to rely on the quality, security and return of their investments with Sterling, thereby giving credence to our ability to consistently deliver value to our investors.
Corporate Philosophy

At, Sterling, our credo is to preserve and enhance our clients' wealth through sound investment strategies that achieve very attractive returns on a broad array of high quality financial products and services. We recognize and appreciate the unique profile of each client and as such, we carefully design specific solutions to facilitate the achievement of each individual’s investment objectives.

Sterling is a strong believer in good corporate citizenship. Our numerous outreach programs are our way of giving back to our community and facilitating the development of a better Jamaica. 



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  • Q: Is Sterling Asset Management a bank?
    A:  No, Sterling Asset is a financial service provider. We are a securities dealer regulated by the Financial Services Commission.
  • Q: How risky is investing?
    A: The type of investment risk varies depending on the nature of the investment. Some investment options have very little risk whereas...