Customer Care

Customer service excellence forms the foundation of our business model. Our customers are our business, and as such, we invest in you and ensure your success. Your satisfaction is our number priority.

What satisfies you? That is the question we aim to ask and satisfy on a regular basis. Your needs and desires are dynamic, as are we. However, one unwavering component of our value proposition is our commitment to provide you with the best of everything. Not just the best returns on your investment, but the best service available in the financial industry.

What do you define as the best - Punctuality, confidentiality, honesty, creativity , professionalism, convenience? Our proactive and personable staff members ensure that your every need is fulfilled.

While maximizing the returns on your portfolio, we ensure that the execution of your investment strategy becomes easy and enjoyable. Your ease of doing business is enhanced by our staff’s constant provision of relevant information, early reminders,

To inquire about investments and opening an account, ask for any of the following:

- Ian Watson

-Pamela Lewis

-Toni-Ann Neita

-Lisa Minto Powell


To inquire about foreign exchange transactions, ask for any of the following:

- Eugene Stanley

- Yanique Leiba-Ebanks


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