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Sterling Asset Management Limited (SAM) is a licensed securities dealer regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica with assets under management in excess of USD140m and has been in operations since 2001. SAM is a full service financial planner, fund manager and global securities trader specializing in, but not limited to, US Dollar investments.

SAM has consistently returned in excess of 25% return on equity each year since inception and maintains three times the required regulatory benchmark for capital adequacy, making it one of the safest financial institutions in Jamaica. SAM focusses primarily on global fixed income securities and private equity and adopts a total return investment strategy by prudently employing a rewarding investment strategy that focuses on the maximization of returns per unit of risk assumed.

All portfolios under SAM’s management have also outperformed other managed portfolios currently available in the local market. SAM’s commitment to high credit quality fixed income instruments has insulated the Company and the portfolios it manages from much of the turmoil in the wider financial sector.

SAM offers: Repurchase Agreements (Repos), Certificates of Participation, Custodial Accounts, Managed Accounts, Mutual Funds, Structured Notes, Currency Exchange Services and Private Equity investments.

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  • Q: Can I access any application forms online?
    A:  Yes, all application forms are available on our website.
  • Q: Do you provide access to global investing?
    A: We provide access to the international financial market. Investments ranging from bonds, equities can be purchased on your behalf...