Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What Services does Sterling Provide?
    Portfolio Management Services
    Sterling Asset Management is committed to actively managing your funds to deliver the highest risk adjusted returns. Our expereinced team of investment advisors and managers will tailor and exectue an investment strategy that achieves your unique objectives and goals. By constantly monitoring your investment in the context of dynamic market forces, we work to ensure that your money is always effectively working for you. Sterling's portfolio management services have delivered adminrable returns to our clients who rely on our expertise and professionalism to maximize the return on their investments, within their particular risk appetite. At Sterling, we treat our clients like family and their money like it's our own.   
    Custody Accounts 
    Sterling Asset Management Limited brings the global capital market to your fingertips. Our custodial accounts facilitate the outright ownership of any investment instrument available on the international stock, bond and derivative markets.
    We most frequently recommend high yielding fixed income instruments such as:
    • US Government Agency bonds
    • High Grade Corporate bonds
    • Investment Grade Sovereign bonds
    For higher risk appetites we also sell large capitalization emerging market bonds such as:
    • Government of Brazil bonds
    • Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Global bonds
    Corporate Finance and Advisory Services
    At Sterling, our experienced team of professionals will help your company achieve the specific financial and strategic objectives that you have established.
    The dynamic economic environment in which we operate enhances the importance of: comprehensive risk analysis; capital, funding and operational efficiency; consistent and sustainable growth; adopting the right technology, business model and investment strategy; among a host of other critical elements. Some of the ways Sterling can help you create value include:
    • Structuring and raising capital for financing and investment vehicles to achieve your financial objectives,
    • Providing advice on the optimal capital structure, business model, investment and growth strategy for your company
    Our vast array of consultancy services will fulfill the diverse and unique needs of any organization. Sterling’s focus on integrity, innovation, execution, and value creation forms the basis of our value proposition.


    Foreign Exchange Services

    We offer personalized foreign exchange services to individuals, companies, and financial brokers. Sterling’s foreign exchange rates are highly competitive and ensure that the value of your money is maximized. Our professional and personable traders dabble in all the major currencies, including, but not limited to, GBP, Yen, Euros, and USD.


  • Q: What products does SAM provide?

    At Sterling Asset Management we aim to help you maximize the return on your assets in a variety of ways. For the institutional or individual investor, we facilitate uninhibited and efficient access to the global capital markets and recommend particular financial instruments that will help you meet your objectives. Sterling's value proposition lies in its ability to efficiently and cost effectively deliver unique financial solutions to each individual investor.  We can obtain and design any instrument that is suited to your risk appetite and return objectives. Our most commonly sold investments consist of:

    • USD Repurchase Agreements
    • JMD Repurchase Agreements
    • Government of Jamaica Global bonds
    • Sovereign international bonds
    • High quality corporate international bonds
    • Mutual Funds

    Among a multitude of other tax efficient and attractive instruments. Call us today to find out what products suit your needs. 

  • Q: What is investing? Is it the same as saving?

    Investing is the act of putting money aside in various instruments with an expectation of profit whereas saving refers to putting funds in a traditional bank. Investments carry some degree of risk as well as the potential for greater rewards.

  • Q: How risky is investing?

    The type of investment risk varies depending on the nature of the investment. Some investment options have very little risk whereas other may carry moderate amounts of risk. Please call and speak to one of our Investment advisors on further details on how to match your risk appetite to investment options.

  • Q: Can I access any application forms online?

     Yes, all application forms are available on our website.

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  • Q: How long has Sterling been around?
    A: Sterling has been around since May 1, 2001.
  • Q: Is Sterling Asset Management a bank?
    A:  No, Sterling Asset is a financial service provider. We are a securities dealer regulated by the Financial Services Commission.